Mirecki's Intolerance Runs Deep

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The Topeka Capital-Journal (free registration required) online has a piece that exposes Professor Paul Mirecki’s anti-religion intolerance. While I’m not ready to say his “beating” was a hoax, after reading more about the case since getting home from work, one could make the case that Mirecki used some injury as an opportunity to strike back at those he perceived to be attacking him: Christians and the media.

Consider the depth of Mirecki’s intolerance and the leading university response to Mirecki:

The university continued to distance itself from the professor.

“The additional e-mail comments of professor Mirecki that have come to light are offensive, ill-considered and do not represent the values of this university, its administration, or its faculty or staff,” university spokeswoman Lynn Bretz said in a statement Wednesday night. “Our university stands for respect for people of all religions, races and creeds.”

She said she talked to one faculty member Wednesday evening who was “irate” about Mirecki’s comments. Mirecki couldn’t be reached for a response.

University officials and an administrator of the list-serve did their own investigations into the site’s contents to find the e-mails, confirming them as Mirecki’s.

In one, Mirecki described his first experience in a Catholic Mass:

“I had my first Catholic ‘holy communion’ when I was a kid in Chicago, and when I took the bread-wafer the first time, it stuck to the roof of my mouth, and as I was secretly trying to pry it off with my tongue as I was walking back to my pew with white clothes and with my hands folded, all I could think was that it was Jesus' skin, and I started to puke, but I sucked it in and drank my own puke. That’s a big part of the Catholic experience. I don’t think most Catholics really know what they are supposed to believe, they just go home and use condoms, and some of them beat their wives and husbands.”

I am not surprised that Mirecki is a fallen-away Catholic. Nor do I refute the gist of his assertion that the Catholic church has done an abysmal job of catechizing the faithful over the past 40 years. Pay attention to the last sentence, though, as it seems to indicate a strong hatred for Catholics–not just the hierarchy, but the parishoners. “[A]nd some of them beat their wives and husbands.”

Indeed. Imagine the outrage had Mirecki been discussing blacks, Jews, or Ward Churchill American Indians. Just listen to this sentence:

I don’t think most African-Americans know what they’re supposed to believe, they just go home and use condoms, and some of them beat their wives and husbands."

As you can imagine, having such volatile opinions exposed can bring a lot of pressure on a professor. How much pressure? Well, enough to influence his collegues to advise Mirecki to resign as chairman of the department. He admitted that peer-pressure was involved in the resignation letter. On top of that, the school’s chancellor, who had only last week announced his support for Mirecki’s controversial Intelligent Design as Myth class, was quoted as calling Mirecki’s e-mails “repugnant.”

I have no doubt that something happened to Paul Mirecki on the morning of December 5. Many witnesses have seen his bruise, though their descriptions of his injuries are milder than MSM reports. Still, considering the rank inconsistencies in Mirecki’s various stories, I think it fair to conjecture that he isn’t telling the whole truth or limiting his stories to the truth.

This is a story worth watching, and the MSM probably won’t touch it again.