Mirecki "Beating" A Hoax?

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Michelle Malkin has done great digging and found more holes in Prof. Paul Mirecki’s (see this and this) beating story than in Howard Dean’s brain.

For instance, Mirecki’s description of injuries do not match the hospitals. The police report gives very little evidence. Mirecki’s claim, that he got out of his truck to confront two yahoos who were crowding him makes little sense UNLESS Mirecki is the kind of guy who likes to settle things with his fists (which would greatly increase my respect for the guy). Also, Mirecki resigned as chairman of KU’s religious studies department on the recommendation of his peers. (Isn’t that like a no-confidence vote?)

Read it all. It’ll be interesting to watch this unfold. If you hear nothing from the MSM about it, then you know Mirecki lied.

UPDATE: While the left continues to confidently proclaim Christian zealots ‘terrorists,’ carefully reviewing the facts of the Mirecki story make their side of the story seem unlikely. Check out these telling paragraphs from a Lawrence Journal-World follow-up story entitled “Mirecki Mum on Details of Beating”:

Key facts about the reported attack remained unclear Tuesday, including exactly where it happened. A report released by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said the location was “unknown” and listed it as south of 31st Street on either East 1400 Road or East 1500 Road.

Louisiana Street turns into East 1400 Road outside the city limits. Haskell Avenue becomes East 1500 Road.

Also, there was conflicting information about whether Mirecki reported it at the scene or at the hospital. In an interview Monday with the Journal-World, he said he called police from the side of the road, but sheriff’s officials said they were dispatched to the hospital.

Mirecki declined to clarify the discrepancy when asked about it Tuesday outside the sheriff’s office.

“I can; I just don’t want to,” he said.

Don’t you love the attitude? “I’m a liberal college professor, and I should be believed without question.” My advice to lefty professors: Don’t draw attention to yourselves! It’s a bad career move.

UDATE: Poking around on Sean Gleeson’s site, I found this perfect analysis of Mirecki’s unbelievable story. Oh, what I would give to talk to Mrs. Mirecki (a public relations consultant at KU) about all of this.