I Hate Howard Dean

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I know, I know. I pray for graces to overcome this weakness. But, God help me, I hate him so.

Click to see Howard Dean posing for Michelle Malkin’s camera.

In other Dean news, Howard Dean announced that he is betting on the terrorists and against the US Military.

“As an American, I’d love to see the Army win. As a betting man, though, I have go with my gut. I’m putting all my bets on Al Qaeda in Iraq to win and the Sunnis to place. That leaves show for the prohibitive favorites, America, and that just ain’t a smart bet,” Dean told a giggling audience of stereotypical joke-blondes this weekend in Chicago.

“And I’d be stupid not to root for the team I’m betting on: Allah Ak-bar!”

In a conciliatory gesture, Howard Dean offered better than Vegas odds to parents of fallen American service members. “Hey, you gotta have a heart with these people, right? I mean, hell, the SGLI payment’s only like fifty grand; I can’t even buy a suit for that,” he joked.

UPDATE: Bush Returns Fire on Dean, defending our armed forces. Read all about it on Blogs for Bush. Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin rounds up blog reaction to Dean’s defeatism wishful thinking. California Conservative has official White House response to Dean’s call to surrender.

Ken on Oblogatory Anecdotes hits the nail on the head:

These two men [Dean and Kerry] represent that base of the Democrat party. You can call them wacko but they are not fringe. They are exactly what the modern Democrat party believes.