One World Day of Prayer

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Set aside some time to pray for life on October 2, my dad’s birthday. The World Apostolate of Fatima, USA and The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima are sponsoring One World Praying for the sanctity of life.

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You may wish to attend an event in or near your city. Currently, events are scheduled for various cities in Arizona, California, Michigan, Illinois, Delaware, New Hamphsire, New York, Florida, North Dakota, Ohio, Kansas City, KS, Pennsylvania, Massechusetts, New Mexico, Texas, and Vermont. Internationally, events are scheduled in more than a dozen countries.

Why this day of Prayer?

Mary Mother of The Life Within When Our Lady visited Fatima eighty-seven years ago she said if you want a better world, a world without war, a world without disease, a world without genocide; a world where each of God’s children have the opportunity to know Him, Love Him and do His work, you must pray… pray often. This is one of the primary reasons the Blue Army, USA and the World Apostolate of Fatima exist. We know how vital Our Lady’s message is to the salvation of the world and to the salvation of souls.

Men and women who choose to support the termination of pregnancy offend Our Lady and offend God. The same people who say a woman with an unwanted child is carrying a fetus, rejoice at the baby carried by a mother in a pregnancy that is wanted. You and I know that it doesn’t matter whether you choose to call it a fetus or a baby; if no one chooses to end its life, it will be born to learn how to do God’s work.

It is important that we follow the commandments, it is important that we do God’s work, it is important that we work to change laws that support abortion. However, the sin is not in what the laws say; it is in what people choose to do. We believe we are called to help people choose to follow God’s path… prayer helps people choose God.

In order to couple the power of Our Lady of Fatima’s message with the hard work being done by those active in the pro-life movement, the Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima will become a gathering place for those who work to save the life of the unborn child. It will become a place where many more of God’s children will come and develop a devotion to Our Lady and discover the tremendous power of prayer. The Blue Army will become a place where many unborn lives will be saved.

The Blue Army Shrine will become the home for the powerful pro-life statue: Mary Mother of The Life Within. We will provide a sanctuary of prayer and spiritual enrichment for those that work so hard for the life of the unborn child within.

We plan to unveil this statue on October 2, 2005 at a nationally publicized event where we will invite our nation’s most powerful pro-life speakers, and thousands of workers will join us as we celebrate Our Lady’s message for salvation. Together we will pray for the unborn. Pro-life workers will re-discover the power of Our Lady and her message. They will deepen and further understand how vital prayer is in the battle with Satan over the unborn child.

Our Bishop, His Excellency Paul Bootkoski, the World Apostolate of Fatima, the Blue Army Board of Trustees, our Executive Director, and our members are united in this passion: the passion to bring the power of Our Lady’s message to the fight for life.

Join us as we support and celebrate the precious gift our Lord and Lady has given us………