Pope to Promote Tridentine Mass

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How timely was Tom’s blog on the Latin Mass?

I just received this holy news from Karl Keating’s newsletter:

Last Thursday Catholic World News transmitted this story, filed out of Dublin, regarding what might happen to what is commonly called the Tridentine Mass:

“Pope Benedict XVI will take action soon to allow all Catholic priests to celebrate the Latin Mass, a Cambridge historian has predicted.

“Speaking to a conference of priests in Ireland earlier this week, Eamonn Duffy said that it was ‘extremely likely that Pope Benedict will lift the restrictions on the celebration of the Tridentine liturgy,’ the Irish Independent reported.

“The Tridentine ritual, which was the universal form of the Mass prior to Vatican II, is now celebrated only with the explicit permission, or ‘indult,’ of the diocesan bishop. Some Vatican watchers speculate that Pope Benedict will announce a ‘universal indult,’ giving blanket permission for all Catholic priests to use the old ritual.

“In remarks to the National Conference of Priests of Ireland, Eamonn Duffy said that he thought the Pope would make the policy change in October, during the meeting of the Synod of Bishops. The topic for Synod discussions is the Eucharist.”

I missed the WCN story, so I thank the Lord for Keating’s update.

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