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The New York Times Online, today, is drumming up sympathy for abortion.

Venetia Grunder, 21, viewed an ultrasound image of the fetus in her womb. She was 12 weeks pregnant, though she had taken birth control pills as directed. “I feel pretty messed up,” she said after seeing the image. “It’s different, just knowing. My husband told me not to look. This changes my feelings, but I’m sticking by it. Damn it, $650, I’m sticking by it.”

How many pieces of silver is $650?

Fisking this little paragraph, we find the whole Culture of Death in a nutshell:

“Venetia Grunder, 21, viewed ultrasound image of the fetus in her womb.”

She saw a picture of the baby she conceived by voluntarily enjoying sex with her husband.

“She was 12 weeks pregnant.”

This is what she saw:

![12-week-old legs]( ![12-week-old feet]( ![12-week-old hand](
"My husband told me not to look."

_It’s easier to stab someone in the back. It’s easier to kill a stanger you never see. _

“This changes my feelings, but I’m sticking by it.”

My husband didn’t think I had it in me to kill someone I knew, someone I’d seen. And it’s harder, but I guess my bloodlust is stronger than either one of us thought.

“Damn it, $650, I’m sticking by it.”

For $650, I’d kill anyone–even my own child. One of the reasons I’m no longer an advocate for the death penalty is women like. As long as our society praises women who kill their own, as long as we defend the right of doctors to murder children for $650 cash, we have no business executing criminals.

This was Venetia baby after its execution:

11-week abortion

It gets colder, though.

Kori, 26, who was having her third abortion, asked to watch the procedure on the ultrasound monitor. “I wanted to see what it was like,” she said. “It was O.K. to watch. Once you had your mind made up to do it, you just suck it up and go with it.”

You suck it up, indeed.

Kori is a triple-murderer. Like so many pathological killers, she’s learned that each murder is easier than one before. If you can work up the frothing hatred to kill one person, you can kill many, many more. It’s why we watch cops who’ve had to kill someone in the line of duty. We make sure they didn’t enjoy it the way Kori does. Clearly, Kori enjoyed the show on the ultrasound monitor.

And what of the executioners?

“My oldest son won’t let me see my grandchildren,” said Sherry Steele, 57, a surgical assistant who started working at the clinic after her daughter had two abortions.

Good for her oldest son. I wouldn’t trust my kids around a serial killer, either, even, or perhaps especially, if was my own mother.

After the procedure, one woman summarized the joy of killing, the joy of freedom from consequences of one’s own actions:

I feel goofy now, but not in a bad way. I feel relieved more than anything. I know I’ll never forget it, but I’d rather do that than have a child I can’t take care of.

The next woman we meet has no qualms with killing children at the point of viability.

Karen, 29, who arrived at the clinic 20 weeks pregnant, expressed no qualms about ending her pregnancy. Like nearly half of all women who have abortions, she had had one before, when she was 18. She did not look on abortion as shameful, she said, adding, “All of your past goes into making you who you are.”

The baby Karen had murdered looked like this on the morning of its execution:

20-week-old fetus

Afterward, it looked like this:

20-week-old abortion

“All your past goes into making you who are,” Karen told the New York Times. Her past includes double homocide and no remorse. In my book, that makes what she is a murderer.

I am too sickened by what I’ve read to read the story any further. Perhaps I’m blinded by my beliefs, but I can’t imagine that this story in the New York Times will help the pro-abortion side. Clearly, the women who have had multiple abortions believe that it’s okay to kill for convenience. They as much as admit it when they say things like, “I’d rather do that than have a child I can’t take care of.”

VandyBlog notices the writer’s attempt to raise pity for the abortionists who have to deal with government regulation.

Aw shucks. It seems mountains of regulations are OK for every industry except abortions, eh? I am quite familiar with this regulation regime. However, the industry in which I work is regulated far more than the abortion industry. In fact, if you listen to other NY Times authors, my industry is not regulated enough. While I choose not to disclose my industry (doing so may violate my company’s Blog policy), I can assure you that decisions I make do not affect life or death.

Blogger Matt writes:

This article was posted in the New York Times, and it had what I think was the opposite effect of what the writer intended on me(though I could be wrong about that).

I assume Matt assumes (as I do) that the author intended to promote abortions and make abortionists and women who have abortions sympathetic characters. Instead, as I pointed out, he turned them into monsters. And how could he not? How could a reporter make Hitler into a hero?

Amy Welborn notes that new Missouri law may put Springfield’s abortion clinic out of business.

Somewhat related, Dawn Eden sees 60 Minutes exploiting illegal abortion on behalf of Planned Parenthood.

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UPDATE: Some are upset at the pictures and my over-the-top language. At least they’re reading. But a couple of points that Andrea made on Least Loved Bedtime Stories demand responses.

“we’re right, you’re wrong and you deserve to suffer for your wrongness.”

First, we are right. Truth is right, false is wrong. Good is right, evil is wrong. Life is right, death is wrong. Beauty is right, ugly is wrong. Unity is right, disintegration is wrong.

Second, the only punishment I cheer for is the punishment of remorse, of repentance. Temporal punishments become meaningless compared to acceptance of one’s sins.

“I said that waving pictures of dead fetuses around, and calling people Nazis, drives people away in disgust who might otherwise be turned to support your cause.”

Do you really think that’s true? I don’t. Do you think that anyone read my blog and decided to have an abortion, just to show me? Do you think someone, even one person, read that piece and said, ‘Well, dammit, I am now pro-abortion.’ I honestly think not. But I’m sure it makes you feel compassionate.

“Like many people who are inordinately proud of the fervor of their own beliefs you become a detriment, rather than an asset, to your cause.”

Was Harriet Tubman ‘inordinately proud’ of her beliefs? How about Frederick Douglass? Or Abraham Lincoln? Or Lech Walesa? Martin Luther King? Malcolm X? Was their zeal detrimental to the causes of emancipation? democracy? civil rights? Jesus Christ was put to death because of the zeal with which he lived out His beliefs. I suppose you think Christianity would be further advanced had He been nicer to the Pharisees.

Finally, I try not to cause fights. I try to open eyes–especially those of people whose smug confidence in their own moral and intellectual superiority blinds them to the destruction of life all around them.

UPDATE: (From a comment)


Bless you.

I suppose I should have written a bit more. Your rightly ask, “But Bill, why do you make these poor souls the targets of your venom? Where is your indictment of the fathers?”

I will respond with an update to the original post, but I want to address you directly.

My venom, as you aptly put it, is really, truly directed at a) abortion’s many apologists, and b) those who make a living at the practice. My literary fireballing the women in the article was intended to point out the callousness of some of their attitudes: $650? It’s okay to watch your third abortion? As you point out, these women allow society’s complex system of justifications override their innate sense of right and wrong. My words were meant like Patton’s slapping of the shell-shocked soldiers–not to humiliate them, but to wake them up.

Second, the men. Lord spare us from the modern American male. Predatory, cowardly men have done more to destroy our sense of sexual proportion than Caligula. It is men who want free and easy sex with no strings. It is men who (frequently) finance abortions. It is men who coined the phrase “take care of it.”

I’m not for rounding up and jailing those who’ve had abortions. God forbid I should receive temporal punishment for my litany of sins that stretched from here to eternity. (This blog documents the depths of my depravity. I pray that God does not give me what I deserve, as I pray he withholds justice from the targets of my attacks.)

Someone once called me a monster. She was right. I have spent more than a year recovering, not from the slap of that label, but from my monstrous sins. As we say in our Confiteor, “I confess to almighty God, and to you, my brothers and sister, that I have through my own fault, in my thoughts, in my words, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to.”

Julia, thank you for your honesty, and God bless you and your family. The Almighty has done great things for you, and holy is His name. If I have hurt you with my words, I beg your forgiveness. I promise that you have in no way harmed me, and I thank you for that, too.

UPDATE: Andrea over at Least Loved Bedtime Stories has fired one last salvo and shut down comments. While I am saddened that the pro-abortionists have gone to wishing rapes on others, racism, and attacks on the mentally disabled, I’m not shutting down comments. If I couldn’t handle other contrary opinions, I’d simply stop writing. Also, not so long ago, I wrote some things that sounded much like Andrea.