The National Abortion Rights Action League is peopled with hate-filled, depraved perverts and perverters. They hate truth, good, unity, and beauty. They worship lies, evil, disintegration, and ugliness. Sulfur is their perfume. Cancer is their aphrodesiac. Excrement is their fine art. And merciless murder of children is their unholy sacrament. Compared to members of NARAL, hardcore Nazis were alter boys.

Their latest attack on truth, beauty, good, and unity is their Screw Abstinence campaign. It’s two-fold objective is (a) to increase the number of unwed teens having sex and (b) to ensure every pregnancy ends in a painful (to the child) abortion.
NARAL Hates Kids

I try not to hate people, but these people have so corrupted their own consciences I need great strength to not hate them. If you want to work up a good, frothing disgust for the vilest ministers of murder on earth, take a peek their hellish website.

Hat tip to my lovely wife.

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Author: William Hennessy

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