Month: July 2005


Al-Qaida Websites Disappeared

Thanks to Drudge. Israeli intelligence reports that the large network of al-Qaeda web sites, the organizations primary means of international communication, have been taken out of service. The Israelis believe UK intelligence did the Lord’s work on this case, reports the Times of London. Over the past fortnight Israeli intelligence agents have noticed something distinctly …


Protestant Terrorism in Ireland

From Catholic News Agency: BALLYMENA, NORTHERN IRELAND, Ireland, July 27 (CNA) – Tuesday saw what police have called a wave of intimidation attacks against Catholics in and around Ballymena, a mostly Protestant town northwest of Belfast. The Associated Press reported that Protestant extremists planted a homemade grenade outside a Catholic family’s home in Ballymena. The …


The Way It Is

On Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI spoke to Italian clergy, and his statements seem, at first blush, rather sad. He told the assembled that Christian churches in the West appear to be dying. In particular, the so-called mainline Protestant churches have been losing members for nearly a century. Jay Anderson at Pro Ecclesia conjectures: “Mainstream churches” …