Foreign Relations

Send in the Pigs

It’s clear, based on documents recently seized in Iraq, that the terrorists are down to their final shots. Because of this, they carry out daring attacks, like the one yesterday that killed 60.

Now is the time to send pig skins to Iraq with the promise that any terrorist–captured or killed–will be sewn into the animal’s skin and buried. This will go for the remains of suicide bombers as well as those killed in combat or captured and executed.

The U. S. Army tried this in the Philippines in 1911 with great results.

Some will whine that it’s an insult to Islam. They will be wrong, of course. Laughing, mocking their belief in the power of pork skin to deny them eternal bliss would be an insult. Instead, we actually be validating their belief by using it as a weapon against them.

And for you “baby killer” chanters on the DemocratUnderground, please see this photo via Michelle Malkin:
Some baby killer
(AP/U.S. Army)

Author: William Hennessy

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