Erin Go Braugh!

I’ll be gathering material at the Hibernian’s Dogtown Parade today, so blogging will be light.

Know what Michael Jackson and K-Mart have in common? 

They both have little boys shorts half-off. 

In other news:

  • Congress holds its steroids in baseball hearings today. 
  • Lebanon gets more free by the minute
  • Robert Blake not guilty
  • I paid $2.06 a gallon for gasoline yesterday
  • The Senate passed legislation to open ANWR to oil drilling–guess who’s upset?
  • I concluded that finding an alternative to oil must become a major priority
  • Catfish nuggets are really, really good
  • Dogs are creatures of habit
  • Say hello to Michelle at Right in Texas
  • Echoes of Forever has a some interesting items you might have missed from yesterday’s top news, including an interesting photo during the Terri Schaivo case
  • Michelle Malkin goes after a student anti-war nightmare in Seatle.  (Did I ever tell you about my Beer and Rock for War Party in college?  It got on the local news)
  • With Laci Peterson’s killer on death row, it’s time for her family to heal and live

See y’all later.

BTW–Erin go braugh means Forever Ireland.

UPDATE:  Photos from the parade

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