EU vs. CIA

European Union investigators are trying to pin the disappearance of Muslim terrorists on the CIA., according to this story on MSNBC.

What of it?  Suppose the CIA is abducting terrorists like Abu Omar and secreting them off to Kuwait or Egypt or Saudi Arabia?  So what?  Would Italy prefer to harbor these monsters indefinitely? 

This is a war against the kinds people who consider mere torture sport.  If the abduction and aggressive interrogation of one sicko Muslim radical reveals enough information to thwart a future attack, the practice justifies itself.   (And for my liberal buddies, please don’t interpret:  I mean to say that, in this case, the end justifies the means.)

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin finds that the people EU wants to protect from the CIA have posted instructions for building a hydrogen bomb on the internet. 

Outside the Beltway discusses alleged Israeli plans for taking out Iran’s nukes.  Good for Israel.

Am I too harsh on the EU?  Maybe this is an Italian thing.

Author: William Hennessy

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