Yahoo! News – DNA Evidence Found in Judge Killings Case

This must disappoint the left:

Yahoo! News – DNA Evidence Found in Judge Killings Case

A DNA match from a cigarette butt convinced police that a Chicago electrician was the killer of a federal judge’s husband and mother, authorities said.

For a week, the leftist press typed its stories with crossed fingers that some white supremist hate group murdered the judge’s family.  Instead, it was a run of the mill, disgruntled plaintiff. 

My heart goes out to the judge who must feel more alone than I could imagine.  This sap who committed the atrocities and then took his own life failed to come to grips the beauty of life.  In his suicide, he denied society the opportunity to inflict justice—which is too bad.

Joe Gandelman has more.  (BTW, which is the preferred?  Supremist or Supremacist?)


Author: William Hennessy

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