Must Read

Ed Morrissey’s smack down of Ted Rall is wonderful, uplifting, heart-happying.  Read it before your next cup of coffee. 

Relish the way lefty Rall views people with regular jobs.  The sneer, the smugness, the inuendo.  How DARE a plebian attempt to think! 

I see Rall standing in some old building at Harvard looking out at the blogosphere the way Mel Gibson presented Cornwallis’s surrender.  “Everything will change, now.” 

Hat tip Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE:  I should have read Captain Ed’s links before I posted.  QandO tears Ted Rall to shreds, exposing some lies.  (Apologies to Dean Esmay.)  You get the feeling that Ted Rall’s dog regards his master the way Grinch’s dog, Max, regarded his. 

Author: William Hennessy

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