Predicting Ward Churchill

We learn today that Colorado University cancelled an upcoming Ward Churchill appearance over fear of violence.  Remember when conservative speakers were silenced by threats of violence?  (William F. Buckley Jr. had a famous episode at Harvard in about 1968.)

Ward Churchill has two choices:  resign from CU and go to work for some leftwing think-tank that doesn’t care how much he lies on his resume, or move subtlely to the right. 

My guess is that he will move to the right.  He will not apologize, but he will publish an essay that effectively repudiates the original.  We already see this distancing act in his official press release, and in an interview he granted last week with some leftwing e-magazine. 

Thanks to Backcountry Conservative

More interesting observations from Sean Hackbarth

Michelle Malkin now informs that Mr. Churchill has, indeed, begun distancing himself from the Little Eichmann’s comment.  Gee, I feel like Rush.

Author: William Hennessy

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