Foreign Relations

Rice: Europe Ready to Move On

Well, now that the Iraqi people have vindicated Bush’s policy through free and fair elections, the cheese-eating surrender monkeys want to be our friends again.

“I think what we’re hearing from Europe is a desire to move on to the next chapter in this great alliance,” Rice said after meeting with Poland’s foreign minister, Adam Rotfeld.

Of course.  While Poland was on our side, Rice was likely referring to the French and Germans–and possibly the wimpering new Spanish government. 

It’s funny how everyone wants to be on the side of the winner, isn’t it? 

UPDATE:  Jonah Goldberg points out a great Condi quote:

“There cannot be an absence of moral content in American foreign policy,” she says. “Europeans giggle at this, but we are not European, we are American, and we have different principles.”


Author: William Hennessy

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