Speed in Maryland

Last week, I came across the news story about 12 homes under construction set ablaze in Maryland and used it to discuss eco-terrorism.  Yesterday, authorities arrested a man named Aaron Speed.  He is not known as an eco-terrorist, and apparently had no motive.  Speeds works as a security guard protecting the home allegedly torched.

Something seems wrong here.  While Speed has a history of mental illness, he reminds me of the guy they arrested in Atlanta for detonating a bomb during the Olympics.  In that case, they got the wrong guy by overreaching in the search for a motive.  Authorities believed Richard Jewell planted the bomb in order to be seen a hero.  So far, no possible motive has been given for Speed to set fire to the homes.

We’ll see. 

From the evidence disclosed thus far, I would be surprised if Speed ever goes to trial.

Author: William Hennessy

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