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Buy Beer for Soldiers–Not Andrew Sullivan

National Review Online has a link to a story about soldiers in Iraq who’ve created a website that allows us back home to buy a beer for a soldier over the internet.  What a great idea.  I’ve added their site to my blogroll, or you can click this.  I’ve already donated $20.00, because soldiers need beer.

On another front, I’ve removed Andrew Sullivan’s blog from the blogroll.  I’m not happy about this, because Andrew offers superior writing and, until recently, superior thinking.  Unfortunately, Mr. Sullivan has become pathologically obsessed with gay marriage, and that pathology has taken his thinking into a tiny, bitter, nasty world where the conjuring of enemies supplants the nurturing of friendships.  

To Sullivan, every issue on the planet is a mere spin-off of the gay marriage debate.  George Bush, once his hero, is the villain in his crampt little world because George Bush opposes gay marriage.  Were the president to personally capture Usama bin Laden and beat him to death with his bare hands on national television, Sullivan would see UBL as symbol of monogamous gay men. 

I hope Andrew Sullivan returns the world of reason. 



Author: William Hennessy

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  1. The Beer for Soldiers concept is back, this time allowing people to donate to support a specific unit. Beer for Soldiers (.ORG) coordinates beer for the homecoming parties, and works with micro brewerys to sponsor virtual toasts with a real American beer for each soldier. Help us buy every returning soldier a beer and thanks for your continued support of our troops.

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