The Most Beautiful Writer in America

Take that title to mean what you will, no one writes of politics more beautifully than does Peggy Noonan. She is is difficult to read, like some poets.  Her writing makes me want to meet her.  Her view of the world a beautiful one, even when she’s describing horribly, ugly things she sees. 

I feel guilty when I read her columns.  Of all the stimulae she could focus on, she focuses on the best things all the time.  Perhaps that’s why she’s not more famous, more loved, more treasured than she is:  some writers make us think, “I wish I’d said that,” but Ms. Noonan makes us think, “I wish I’d felt that.” 

Ms. Noonas has taken a 3 month break from column writing in order to help the Republican Party.  Her reasons for doing so, though a month old, are worth reading.

Author: William Hennessy

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