Cheers for Putin

Western, though not necessarily American, reporters ask Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday why he hasn’t invited Chechen rebels to the Kremlin for a meeting on their disputes with Russia in the wake of the massacre last week.  Putin’s answer was perfect. 

“Why don’t you have a meeting with bin Laden?  Invite him to the White House?  Can you imagine if people who shoot children in the head ever came to power anywhere in the world?”

The question was such a classic example of liberal ignorance.  We negotiated with al Sadr, and now we’re fighting him again. 

When will stop relearning this lesson?  How many innocents have to die before we stop negotiating with evil and start elminating it? 

Update:  I see Dean’s World caught this, too.  I did not realize that some fellow conservatives are upset with Putin’s response. I think they are likely just against Putin in general.  Too bad.  He’s got the righ attitude.

Author: William Hennessy

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