Amazon Attacks SwiftVets Book

Professor Bainbridge has discovered another example of liberal hypocrisy.   (They’re so hard to find, aren’t they?) 

Amazon has suspended its rules of decorum for one book:  Unfit for Command.  The Amazon policy permits anyone to write anything about anyone–short of profanity.  Presumably, one can offer cash money for the assassination of the Swift Boat Veterans with Amazon’s ascent. 

I was in a Border’s two weeks ago where I found an aisle end cap dedicated to books on the election.  There 14 titles highlighted:  two pro-Kerry, one pro-Bush, and 12 anti-Bush or anti-Reagan.  (They’ll never get over Reagan.  Therapy seems in order.)

It’s too bad liberals don’t have to live by their own rules on dissent.

Author: William Hennessy

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