Weeks later…

These weeks later, as summer fades into fall-wth a taste of fall weather included- and as I help my girls get ready for school (shoe shopping, labelling folders, notebooks, crayons and markers), I can still go off an a tangent about this summer’s experience. We went on a family camping trip last week, and I made it until the third night before I broke out the pictures and went off about what fun I had this summer. My hubby was amazed at my restraint. I really had a great time at Syberg’s a couple of weeks ago. I have not been able to make any more yet, but I hope that the happy hours will continue.

I imagine life has settled back down for most of us. I stumbled onto Bill’s website and saw that he has undertaken a major project–quitting smoking. Let me be the first here to say “Way to go, Hennessy!” In case any of you didn’t know, my mom died of lung cancer 3 weeks after I graduated from DB, and needless to say, my senior year was pretty difficult. Being back in the Guild this summer was pretty special to me, because 3 of my classes that year were with the Leibrechts–Theater Crafts, Acting and my religion class. Jim and Sandy were very supportive of me that year. They even came to my mom’s wake. I don’t know if they are aware how much that meant to me. Anyway, in a jumbled up way, all this is connected–the Guild, the hazards of smoking, the Leibrechts, etc. If I nag or pester about smoking, it’s really is just because I care, and cancer is not pretty. Life’s pretty risky without stacking the deck. Don’t do that to your kids!

Okay, enough soap boxing. I hope you are all well and happy!
Love to all

Author: William Hennessy

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