Foreign Relations

Kerry Must Want to Be Usama’s Buddy

“The policies of this administration, I believe and others believe very deeply, have resulted in an increase of animosity and anger focused on the United States of America,” Kerry told reporters after a campaign meeting with first responders. “The people who are training terror are using our actions as a means of recruitment.”

Of course, they’re pissed at us, Senator. We drove them out of Afghanistan. We dried up their money supplies around the world. We overthrew their weapons program director in Iraq. We obtained Khaddafi’s capitulation. We’ve captured or killed their top officers. Senator, we are kicking terrorism’s hellbound ass, and terrorism doesn’t like it.

Bush’s policy is to find terrorists and kill them. They are mad at that. What is your solution? Give them money? Be friends? Open Islamic public schools in America? Kiss their asses?

Author: William Hennessy

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