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Opening Night a Success

So, last night was Opening Night…
I personally thought it went GREAT! The audience was very receptive–laughing and clapping when and where they should have. (And not being shy about it.) I THINK this is accurate information, but I heard that we started a few minutes late because we still had a line out the door for tickets at 7:30. (?) And that, save for 9 tickets, we were sold out (?). WOW. That is amazing. I mean, I had the confidence and knew that this was going to be big and successful, but I had no idea that it would be quite like this.
Of course, there were just a few Opening Night snags–as there always will be. Last night we had 27 pages of notes from Mr. Leibrecht before the show, I’m wondering if we will have more or less this time around. I had to kind of laugh to myself when I saw him backstage walking around with his little hand held tape recorder and making notes into it as the show was going on. Amazing. This is the first show I have actually been in with Mr. Leibrecht–except for the one-acts my Junior year, but we were never on stage together–and even just after last night, I can’t believe how fun and amusing it is. Mr. Leibrecht is like a little kid in a candy shop on stage–he completely becomes a different person (obviously, that’s the point of acting)–and you can just feel how much he loves what he does and pours his heart into it. It really is a neat thing to watch and be part of.
I can’t believe we only have 3 more shows to go, though…


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