CounterPunch, and Those Who Believe It

I don’t know if there’s a name for people who believe only the worst about everything, but there should be. And the word should hint at the irony that these kinds of people are also the kinds of people who promote hatred, mistrust, and murder in the name of human rights, fairness, peace, and justice.

Oh. I’m sorry. There is a name for them; they’re called liberals.

The liberals have a little fiction mag called Take a look. These people really miss the Soviet Union–not because they enjoyed the Cold War, but because, well, they wanted the Soviets to win. They lionize Stalin. They criticize the Allies for the D-Day invasion because, in their view, the wonderous soldiers who voluntarily took up arms to defend their workers’ paradise were only days away from conquering Germany and spreading the joys of Uncle Joe’s socialism to all of Europe! How dare Eisenhower steal half a continent to use as an experiment in capitalism, er, worker exploitation.

(I haven’t had this much fun reading idiotic liberalism since college.)

Anyway, if you like this stuff, Dean Esmay can use some help fighting two young men who hang on each of Alexander Cockburn’s words.

Author: William Hennessy

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