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Hitchens Reviews 911

And comes away disappointed. In his review of Fahrenheit 911, Christopher Hitchens explains his longtime craving for liberal version of Firing Line (William F. Buckley’s long running discussion show on CBS and PBS), or even a liberal Rush Limbaugh. He hoped it would be Michael Moore.

Then he saw the movie:

To describe this film as dishonest and demagogic would almost be to promote those terms to the level of respectability. To describe this film as a piece of crap would be to run the risk of a discourse that would never again rise above the excremental. To describe it as an exercise in facile crowd-pleasing would be too obvious. Fahrenheit 911 is a sinister exercise in moral frivolity, crudely disguised as an exercise in seriousness. It is also a spectacle of abject political cowardice masking itself as a demonstration of “dissenting” bravery.

This is a must-read review of a must-avoid movie.


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