Month: June 2004

Foreign Relations

US Restores Full Diplomatic Ties to Libya

According to The United States has formally resumed diplomatic ties with Libya after a 24-year break, the State Department says. Oh, if only the al-Zarqawi story were true. Imagine, since taking office, George Bush’s State Department has overthrown Saddam and freed 25 million Iraqi prisoners, overthrown the Taliban and freed 25 million Afghan slaves, …


Father’s Day

You sent me out.I resisted.You made me go.I went.Brian showed upwith LeAnne.I broke his toe,played Golden Tee.(I lost)You trusted me.I missed you.I saw a room.You weren’t there.I drankwithout you,alonewith friends.You sent me out.I went.I paid and left.I walked.You made me go.I’m home now.Father’s day:It’s when a manunderstandsthat the womanmakes the man.You made me.I resisted.I was …