Month: February 2004



A foul and acrid odor greets the noseand violates the shirt, the pant, the underwearfor hours, days, weeks, unwashed.Plastic flip-top lid concealsthe quartered fruit, so dryand old, unworthy of gin or tongue.Tired, sad, bilirubin-stained facessurround the parallelogram giving more than they receiveand much less than they asked for.Age marked in hollows, dents, and chips.Laughters, hard …


The Room

With that, the guards silently beckoned me to turn.  The room was large and dark.  Overhead lights illuminated the oracle on her seat and spilled onto the guards, but the rest of the room was invisible. Before me lay large double doors.  I could see light fighting to enter around the great doors’ edges.  As I …