Month: January 2004


The Dean Blog

These people are great.  Funny thing is, I have good scotch and great conversations with people just like this every few weeks.  Politics corrupts; Democrat politics corrupts democratically. WE WILL WIN. KERRY WILL SUCK MY —. EXCUSE ME. BUSH WILL LOSE. KERRY WILL LOSE. Dean winsKerry diesBush burns in hell GO DEAN! Posted by chewy …

Foreign Relations

CNN/Time Poll

For poll junkies, today’s CNN/Time poll is loaded with interesting tidbits: Dean’s support is slipping, no doubt due to the doctor’s idiotic statements, Biblical errors, short temper, and whining Several Democrats (Kerry, Clark, Lieberman, Gephardt) seem to be getting stronger, perhaps because they’re buying air time to compete with the hours of free time Dean …

Foreign Relations


Hillary Clinton came to St. Louis today to make Gandhi jokes.  First, I  live in St. Louis and didn’t know she was coming.  Second, she showed up in Iraq the day after the President, now she shows up in St. Louis the day after the President.  Pattern? Howard Dean potentially faces criminal charges for releasing …